What the Coronavirus Taught Me about Myself!

And so it came! Up until now I had only seen it in the face of constant news updates, public safety measures and anxiety. However, 20 days ago I began to feel mild symptoms and 2 days into it I realized, the Coronavirus had hit home!

Once I was sure of my symptoms, there wasn’t much left to do except, accepting that I was doomed: curling up in a corner of the bed and waiting for the worst to happen…unbearable chest pains, severe breathing difficulty and uncontrollable coughing episodes… We’ve all known the fear, haven’t we? However, to my absolute surprise, I experienced none of those expected symptoms. There was a mild fever (only lasting the first three days), followed by irregular and short episodes of minor headaches, leg pain, and a loss of taste and smell. But overall, I have been fine and thankfully far from the corona that we so often find ourselves imagining. Not to say that the threat is not real but according to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 80 percent of the corona cases will be experiencing similar, mild symptoms!

As I write today then, I want to share with you the things that I have learnt during my 21-days of self-isolation.

  1. A little prayer can go a long way! If you believe in a God, a higher power call out to Her/Him for help amidst difficult/scary times. It can help relieve the burden off of your own chest!
  2. Keep yourself hydrated and eat a nutritious, balanced diet. The food you eat directly affects your brain and the thoughts that go on inside!
  3. Never underestimate the power of having a positive, relaxed mindset. Anytime you find yourself imagining the worst and worrying and panicking over it, remember to catch yourself! Worry does nothing except lowering our immune systems!
  4. Stay connected with your family and friends! It is absolutely necessary to physically and not mentally isolate yourselves. During these uncertain times, make sure to reach out to your loved ones (through video/phone calls, texts) tell them how you are feeling and ask them if they are okay.
  5. If there is a window in your room/bathroom, make sure to keep it open in order to maintain some contact with the outside world!
  6. Try to keep yourself productive by staying engaged with a favorite hobby or project that gives you any kind of fulfillment: mental, financial or physical.
  7. Bring in small physical exercises into your isolation routine, to help you shake it all off every once in a while!

The virus, is out there. It will be easy for some and a little more difficult for others, but throughout this time let’s remember to keep our eyes, minds and most importantly our hearts open. Let’s try to keep ourselves away from Corona, but close to our loved ones. The times certainly seem tough, but this too shall pass!

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