4 Healthy Habits You Should Add To Your Daily Routine

  1. Goals (dreams without goals, keeping track of goals, knowing your destiny and dream, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)

Dreams without goals are just dreams. Think about that for a second, every day you are doing some sort of task without any planning. Do you think, this random daily routine of yours will get you close to your dreams? In order to achieve your dreams and become successful, you have to start writing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Once you do that, it’s time for you to track them. Keep comparing your progress and push the limits. Lastly, before you sleep write down your goals for the next day. Afterward, once your alarm goes off and you get out of your bed. Do not check yor phone or instagram. Strictly, read your goals for the day and get going. If you want to learn more about waking up early and avoid pressing the snooze button. I’ll highly recomend you to read the 5 Productive Habits Guide.

2. Journal

Journal is very important. For someone like me, who likes to be a lone wolf and does not talk a lot to people. I keep talking to myself and write everything doing. Additionally, Journaling will also get you disciplined. That is to say, you will be taking 10 or 20 minutes out of your day, and spend a moment to concentrate on your thoughts. Journal can also help you make better decisions in life. As you wriet a journal, you will be judging your decisions and perhaps learn from the mistakes. On the other hand, it’ll also improve your writing skills. Lastly, the memory factor also gets better with Daily Journal.

3. Time-boxing

Timeboxing is one of the key skills to manage your time & life. It is is practiced by many leading entreprenuer’s like Elon Musk. So what is time boxing exactly?

Timeboxing or the 50/50 rule means that you have to choose a task and do it under a limited time. The Word Timeboxing comes from time box, which means that time under the box is running out. Therefore, you must finish your task before the time is over. Likewise, timeboxing has many advantages. It’ll help you manage time more efficiently, get your important tasks done, and spare you more time for rest of the day. Back in the day, when I was a beginner at freelancing. I used to have one job, and I had made a fuss out of it. That changed, when I started timeboxing, and realised that the task on which I procastinate does not consumer more than 40 minutes. You must realise, that timeboxing is different from an ordinary clock. That is to say, because when you decided to do a task under that time. You must focus on that task only. Therefore, avoid distractions when timeboxing. Getting started with timeboxing is easy. All you have to do is download the Forest or 50/50 App. Shedule a time for a specific task, and get it done. Make sure you, take the break after that small box of time is done.

4. Exercise

Exercise is really important. I mean people often disagree with the statement and make an excuse saying “I don’t want heavy muscles”, but they fail to realise its true benefits. Exercise won’t only help you gain fitness, but it’ll also increase your mental stamina. The same stamina you use for working. As an example, if you have high mental stamina, you will be able to do a lot of tasks in a single day. Those who are lazy and sleep all day will never have the same stamina, that an athlete or workaholic does. Apart from mental stamina, Exercise will also get you disciplined, as it’ll teach you about consistency. Lastly, there are other exercise benefits too, but my favourite benefit is the increase of grey matter. Now, grey matter is another different topic, but in short its the main ingredient of brain behind intelligence. In the same vein, I prefer exercising daily because it develops the habit of getting out of your comfort zone and break some sweat. Always remember what the great Socrates said about exercise.

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