Striking a Balance between your Career and Personal Life

Our careers and personal lives are like two roses in the garden of our lives- both have the potential to be beautiful and are essential to our growth.

The only complexity arises from the fact that they thrive on the same time and when we focus too much on one, it grows at the detriment of the other.

Sadly and ever gradually, the other withers away.

Despite the limited time, it is possible to run a great career yet maintain great interpersonal relationships with those in your circle. You can get both flowers to bloom equally.

The question is: How?

Well, these are my all-time favorite and trusted tips to help you achieve that.

Set boundaries

Let the work files stay at the office. They’re office files for a reason. When you’re home, be home. 

Don’t go through work files while you’re supposed to be having conversations with your family. Yes, it might be really important, but try to tone it down as much as you can. Whenever you’re able, make sure you give your 100%.

Engage actively with your family when you get back from work

It helps to give a listening ear to your husband, your wife, your parents, or your kids. But you can as well turn things up a notch by participating actively.

Do you want to be more productive at work? Then engage with the kids. Interact with your family. Listen to how your partner’s day went and tell them about yours as well. See a movie with the kids, or just catch up with an old friend. Create a photo album. Play board games if you love them.

It sounds a bit counterintuitive but it really does improve your productivity at work.

Stay positive!

There’s every tendency you get back home a bit grumpy and exhausted, but you don’t want that to affect how you relate with your family. How do you deal with this? By maintaining positivity even when your outward circumstances aren’t so favorable.

Had a bad day? Get something for your spouse or parents on your way back from work. Terrible demands from the boss? Put on a smile nonetheless. You don’t want to transfer aggression to those you love.

You want to be able to whistle into work every morning with a smile playing on your lips and stroll out like a champ when you’re done with the day’s quota of work- no matter how your day went. You want to go home to a happy family that you so much love and have the time of your life with them as well.

This will be a great start to living the healthy life of your dreams in both important aspects of your life.

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