How to deal with ‘Negative’ Thoughts

Our thoughts mould us. They define us.

They go a long way in determining who we become or who we don’t at every stage of our lives. It is our only measure of consciousness.

We have heard many quotes playing around the same message (what you think, you become). We have read books that play around the same theme (Think and Grow Rich). It all goes to explain how powerful the mind is.

So, if the mind is such a powerful tool, then we must be conscious about how we engage it and use it to our advantage.

As we have come to perceive, our thoughts can be easily compared to a double-edged sword- one that we must wield with utmost care.

I am here to help you take a step closer to that by sharing with you how you can prevent those ‘negative’ thoughts from taking you down with them.

Stop trying to get rid of them so badly!

You are naturally inclined to go to war against these thoughts. You grab your pruning shears. You must weed them out or dig them with your bare hands if you have to.

But you have to recognize that there are really no negative thoughts. No, not a single one!

There are just thoughts and our interpretations to these thoughts. These interpretations are what defines the perceived identities of these thoughts.

Thoughts in themselves are grey. Not black; not white. Grey! Not good; not bad, but like clouds, they drift across the sky of our minds. Sometimes, they are present. Other times, they are not. Either way, they will pass. Other thoughts will come and even these shall pass.

At best, these thoughts are possibilities of what could be.

Once you label it negative, you give it power over you. You shouldn’t allow for this to happen.

It has come so let it slide out of your mind as easily as it came. Don’t dwell on it. If you do, you will only start to panic and your fear will get the better of you- so much that it paralyzes you.

So let the thought slide!

After all, in the real frame of things, nothing is really good or bad.

If something can go wrong, it can also go right.

Murphy’s law has convinced us to believe that if something can go wrong, then it will. But I say, if something could go wrong, then there is every chance it could go right as well.

For every way you think of that something can go wrong, think of a way it can go right too.

This will train your mind to develop a natural resistance to these gloomy and negative possibilities.

Fill your mind with pleasantness

Make pleasantness your default state of mind. Only embrace thoughts that put you at peace. Actively engage your mind in creating them. If pleasantness takes all the room in your mind, there’s no room for anything else.

Whenever you’re free, don’t think about something going wrong. Think about a picnic with someone you love. Think about making all that money you need. Think about getting that promotion at your job.

See yourself in a better place- or simply let yourself enjoy where you are. Now is a gift. Don’t lose it over thoughts that only spike fear and rob you of the present.

Even when your mind gets a negative reaction to a thought, think of the many things that can go right instead of focusing on the bad aspects of it.

Wear so much grace and bliss that no matter how you look at it, the cup is never half empty but half full.

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