Six things you shouldn’t skip doing after you get back from a long day of work

Most often than not, work takes the best parts of our day. It’s about the first thing we think about when we wake up in the morning and probably one of the last things we think about before we go to sleep.

If you don’t work a 9-5, it’s most likely you work something close and it might be so stressful. So stressful that you’ve come to count anything that sounds like relaxation as ‘not for you’.

But does it really have to be that way?

Absolutely not!

You can work through the day and still enjoy the rest of your night. Let’s find out how.

Switch off your work phone

After a long day at work, one of the first things you should do is to consider switching off your work phone. As long as you don’t work as a personal assistant or work a job that requires that you leave your phone on all the time, you’ll be all good.

Take a warm/cold bath

Cold, warm, hot, whichever suits you, do it. Don’t just get into your PJ once you get home and drift off to sleep. Take a hot shower or a cold one. It’s all up to you. You can climb into the bathtub and soak yourself for a few minutes or you can take much longer and chill till you can literally feel the stress seeping out of your pores (Lol! Hope you get the gist though).

The point is, you’ll come out refreshed.

Take a walk

What better way to clear your head than with a long stroll in the cool evening air. Maybe not that long.

Either way, a stroll helps you loosen all that tension that has built up from sitting at the office for too long. It’s also another great way to relieve stress and get the joints working again.

It’s tempting to stay holed up in the house and sleep the night away, but an exercise will be even more rewarding than you think.

Spend time with friends

You don’t really fancy a walk? Go out anyway. If you have a friend or two on the block, pay them a visit. Catch up! Laugh! (Those are so underrated these days).

Talk about how your day went. Go out and see a movie if you want or just settle in a comfortable chair for some drinks and barbecue. After this pandemic passes of course. A video chat might do for now.

Keep your personal phone at arm’s length

Not too far, not too close!

Except you’re on a very important call with a friend or a close member of the family, keep your phone on the table or very deep within your purse or pocket.

You don’t want so much time to slip by only to realize that you have spent all of it scrolling through your Instagram feeds.

It’s not healthy. What you need is real, meaningful social interactions. Someone to talk to, not another picture to like.

If it’s not absolutely necessary, then keep the phone at arm’s length- but close enough to reach out or be reached.

Sleep early

You might want to switch off your phone an hour before you go to bed to keep yourself from checking your notifications every minute. Settle into bed. You can pick up a book and read with some hot coffee on your bedside table. Do you love romance, thrillers, or you want to improve other aspects of your life?! Read!

If none of this does not sound appealing to you, you can indulge in other passions. How about karaoke night? Maybe a card game with another member of the family. Whatever you do, just make sure you have fun and sleep early enough. It helps.

These little things go a long way. You might not have a great day at work, your bosses control most of that, yes? Perhaps!

But it is totally up to you to make sure you have a great evening, every night.

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