We are more!

Like cars, we are models of the same brand but of different colours. On the surface, we are different but on the inside, our engines are the same.

The core components on which we are built is the same. We run on the same horsepower, on the same meals, on the same motivations.

The colours of our skin tricks us to believe that we are different but we know that beyond identification, our skin tone is nothing but just pigments of colour.

Our bodies are just the vehicles we drive. Within ourselves, we are more than beautiful.

There is no scale for this beauty. It spreads, blooms, seeps through our pores into other people. It is an energy that radiates. It beams!

We are moved by the same things. Our lives are set against the backdrop of the same struggles: the need for validation, to be noticed, to be heard.

We want to love and feel loved. We love to smile and to see others smile.

We are people of different colours. We value ourselves for who we are. We are kind.

We do not discriminate against ourselves because of our skin tone. Why should we when all we are is time and mind?

Our differences are to be admired instead. Savored like a sip of red wine. Our skin tone is music. It sings of our history. Of the many struggles we are willing to share around a campfire. It coughs an envious tale that breathes to the tune of the ukulele.

We are a different kind of perfect. We are colours of the rainbow- each colour beautiful and bold when they stand alone but magic when they come together.

We are more than just the colours of our skin. We are black. We are white. We are Asian. We are Hispanic. We are British. We are Australian, We are Americans, We are Africans. We are African-American, Jamaican British. We are bold. We are strong and beautiful. We are human.

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