Tips to finding True Happiness

What is the path to true happiness? How can you genuinely be able to proclaim that you’re happy in these times? Is it possible to be truly happy?

These are questions you ask internally but never voice out. I hope this read provides you some clarity and answers to those questions you’ve never really been able to ask anyone.

Embrace the Journey, not the destination

True happiness exists, if only you know where to look and the best way to start is by embracing your journey and not the destination.

If so far you have focused on the destination, you have been going about it the wrong way, because nothing but grave emptiness lays at the destination.

Life is about the journey, and not the destination.

Focus on the destination and all you ever guarantee is temporary happiness. Why? Because there will always be a better destination. A better position at your job to aspire to, a new record to beat, a new car to buy. The list is endless.

Fact is, if you focus on all those things, you will never truly be happy. But when you change your perspective and focus on the journey, a lot of things will change.

Instead of being sad for where you are, you’d come to be happy that you’re learning, that you’re growing, that you are in a better place than you were yesterday. Focus on the tiny evidences of progress that show you’re moving closer to your goal. Embrace the journey, not the destination, and you will see how those tiny wins make you happier.

Life in itself is an helpless merry-go-round. We start from nothing. We will leave with nothing.

But those moments in between are everything. The friends we make, the laughs that run so deep we hold our sides for support, the work we put in to see our loved ones smile.

Like a rollercoaster ride, the fun is in the thrill.

Material things are not a prerequisite to happiness

Admittedly, the things you own only put you in a better place, but they’re not the requirements of living a happy life.

It’s great to have money: you can buy comfort, and indirectly, it equals a smile on your face; you can buy moments at beautiful places with those you love and that’s great. But you can also have all those things and feel empty on the inside.

That might be because you’re looking too outwardly for your happiness.

And happiness is not what other people give you. It should radiate from within.

Sometimes, you don’t see a person as beautiful because they are beautiful. You see them as beautiful because you’re beautiful. And beauty exceeds the physical.

Happiness is a choice

The next time you wake up, look into the mirror and flash yourself a lovely smile. You’re not happy because you’re having a great day or because you woke up to some great and pleasant surprise. You’re happy because you choose to be happy.

Because you choose to be happy.

You’ll hang out with friends that can bring the smile to your face.

You choose to be happy so you’ll treat yourself out to lunch with or without a date.

Chase your dreams

You are never truly happy when you aren’t doing what you love. Your dreams are those things you’d live for, yet die for all the same. They are those things without which your life wouldn’t feel complete- even when you have every other thing in the world. They are those things you can do all week, all year, and the gratification will supersede the stress connected to them.

Do these things and you might as well be on your way to true happiness.

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