The Most Healthy Ways to deal with Anger

Anger is a natural emotional response to unfavourable events and circumstances. It is an impulsive reaction. For sure, at some point, every single one of us have gotten angry.

When a driver crosses into our lane in traffic and cuts us off, when our spouses, or parents do things that we find completely inconsiderate and annoying, anger is our natural response.

Here’s how to look at it: when people do repulsive things, it causes some negative emotions to build up inside us. These emotions shift us from our natural relaxed state and blows us up like a balloon. We need to return to our natural state so we find the most suitable outlet to release this tension. This could take the form of yells, screams, and physical engagements.

This anger can sometimes be healthy, but it is in most cases runs in the opposite direction.

Medical Science reveals that when we get angry, we are poisoning ourselves.

When we’re angry, we do the most idiotic things. We get out of control. We turn against ourselves and do the things that we wouldn’t do on a normal day.


So often than not, we lose our most valued relationships. We destroy things we’ve taken years to build. Most of all, we lose our peace of mind.

Of all emotions that humans have, anger has created the highest amount of suffering the most.

So how do you prevent yourself from being in this state of suffering?

It begins with being aware. Whenever the feeling comes, recognize it. Know that you are angry. Once you know that anger has risen within you, it is then and only then that you can immediately take control of the situation and employ the necessary measures to keep the emotion in check.

You must understand how much it causes you to be stupid and prevent this before it happens. Watch yourself as though out of your body. How does it feel staring at someone in rage? How would it feel watching someone drift apart from the people they love? You don’t want all those things to happen- even though your current state of mind demands that you do something that satisfies the emotion.

“Kick something! Break something! Storm away from someone!” A tiny voice whispers.

But no! Don’t listen to that voice.

Amidst the wave of emotions, let a gentle calm wash over you.

You have a reason to be angry, yes! They have done wrong, yes! You have every right to display your annoyance, absolutely! But you shouldn’t because of what others have done lose your peace. Not for any reason.

You shouldn’t for any reason cause outside situations to dictate what goes on within you.

“If outside situations are good, then you’re good.” This is the way it’s always been. But why don’t you give room for something different.

If you are good, then everything around you should be a reflection of that. If you are pleasant within you, then everything around you should be pleasant.

It is easier said than done, yes! But even the most difficult things become at least possible when you’re willing to put in the work.

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