How do you get back on your feet when you’re down?!

We all have our downtimes. Times we grow numb to the world. Times when nothing seems to make sense and the world is dipped into a fuzzy pool of gray.

What do we do in these times and how do we get out this state?

Over the last week, I was in that place as well. I tried to hide it with a smile. The heavy laughs at jokes I could not find the humour in.

I know how hard it can be to pick yourself up. Personally, I fell behind in a lot of things. Work. Life. Relationships with the people I cared most about.

I felt myself slipping deeper and deeper into the growing darkness.

But I also knew I couldn’t stay there. I knew I had to find a way out.

This piece evolves from trying to find a solution to this challenge. It details the things that helped me get out of my dark place and got me pumping and ready to embrace the world as I used to live it.

So, just what do you do when you’re down?!

Talk to a trusted friend

In times like this, friends are everything. And I’m not talking about random acquaintances whom you have knighted the friendship title too early. No! I’m talking about FRIENDS. People that would actually listen without judging you. People that have your best interest at heart. People that would look out for you any day, anytime. If you have a friend that fits that description, please do not hesitate to reach out to them.

And when friends are wanting, the family will always be there to help you.

Get something done

Naturally, when you’re down, you just want to lay in bed all day. Your creative aspects shut down. Your body switches into hibernation as well. It’s all dark and gloomy.

I surrendered to this feeling and I tell you, it affected me in more ways than one. It’s like falling freely into an abyss with no end. Slipping deeper and deeper into the darkness with no hope for light.

But how do you fight it?

You get up and get something started. What’s that thing you should be doing and you’re not? Start! Where’s that place you should be? Clad yourself and go! Be active! Don’t give yourself anymore chance to slip.

Stay around people

I know what it’s like to be in a dark place. I’ve been there myself.

You retreat into a shell and find solace in yourself. You grow numb to the things that used to make you happy and you just want to be alone.

However, you shouldn’t surrender to the urge. Are there people around? Join them! Watch that show you love or hate. Or at least just take a seat and stare blankly into the TV (that wouldn’t be so healthy. The point, though, is, by all means, stay around people.

You’ll be fine just like I am now! I know you’ll be!

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