Why you should definitely read more books

A lot of people have come to associate reading with education and sadly after college, a large number never read another book to completion for the rest of their lives. This is especially sad considering the knowledge that books carry.

Words are powerful. Like magic waiting to be summoned, it comes to life from the pages of the books in which they sit. From within the bind, hidden knowledge springs to life.

Books (literature especially) exist not only for our relaxation but also to inform us. To transfer information from one generation to another.

When Angie Thomas wrote The Hate U Give, she did more than just put words on paper. She sparked a very important conversation. Same with Candice Carty-Williams. Rupi Kaur also breathes healing in her poetry. Her words take you on a journey of finding strength and growing through heartbreak, depression, and pain. Through her works, we learn acceptance. We learn to embrace all that makes us who we are.

To not read the works of these masters is to deny one’s self an epic, rewarding adventure.

I remember when I was very young. Books taught me a lot more than people could teach me about life. It answered my many questions. I liked to read across different genres: fiction, non-fiction, self-help, memoirs.

Even from a very tender age, I had learnt the power that books wield. They challenged my perspective to life and living in general.

There were characters to which I could relate. People who were going through the same plight I was in, armed with nothing but determination and sheer will. People who had the same dreams. I paid attention to their idiosyncrasies, their biases, the influences from friends and family. I learned. You can as well.

I suggest that you read more books. Set a target for yourself.  12 books a year means reading a book a month. 52 books a year means reading a book every week. 1000 books a year?! I have no idea how you’re going to pull that off, but I wouldn’t say it’s impossible.

The beauty of literature is that you get to feed off the experiences; off the influences of those that came before you and there’s no better way to grow and learn than to live a thousand lives through literature.

Want to read more books, click here for suggestions and reviews of great books you can start reading today.

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