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As much as there are people in this world, no two people can ever live the same way, through the exact same experiences, in the exact same place.

With so much going on around the world, it is up to us to preserve our narrative. What stories will the younger ones meet? What would be their perception of the world? It depends largely on what we hand down to them.

We all have a story to tell. Everyone is born with a uniqueness of experience. I have lived through stories you have never heard about, through things you have not experienced. Same as you have had your own fair share of personalized struggles and experiences.

As much as our stories can be similar, no two people can live through the exact same challenges at the exact same periods of their lives.

It is only confirmation that no one else can tell your story the same ways you can.

None of your experience is a waste. Mistakes, failures and successes are all insightful in someone’s stories. In finding their path to success.

Your voice matters. Angie Thomas grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and shared a blend of what she picked up from there. Alice Walker managed to share her story and experiences as well. Rory C. Morgan chronicles his musical journey in The Perfect Take. You can tell your story too regardless of what field you’re in.

And you don’t need one major degree before you come up to tell the world your story. You don’t need permission from anyone to tell you you’re good enough. As long as you give yourself that permission, you’re okay.

You don’t need the overly complex intricacies of language. All you need is a desperate, unrelenting desire to tell your story.

Stories begin with having something to say to the world. And you don’t have to write fiction.

A guide could be just right, a memoir, or a letter to a younger generation.

You might think, is there anyone in the world who would give an ear to my words. Who would read? But trust me, there are.

It might not be the whole world. Might not be millions of people you’d. Your story might not be translated into 30+ languages- even though that is a fair possibility, but someone, someplace, will read your story and find in it the strength he needs to carry on.

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