What is your greatest asset?

Is it your home, your business, land, or money you’ve got stashed up in the commodities market? What is your greatest asset?

Well, everyone has different ideas about what their greatest assets are. As a large number of people would mention the stuff they own.

Others will tilt their minds towards the abstract and see their connections as their greatest assets.

But to what extent are these answers true? What is our greatest asset?

Although the question is largely subjective and inviting of various responses, there is one very vital asset we cannot dispel- ourselves. Although it doesn’t feel so much like it, when we really think about it, we realize that we only have access to connections, to land, to our businesses, to the stock market, and a bank account worth millions of pounds because we are. The moment we cease to be, all those things mean nothing.

Our time is all we have. Limited, and precious, we are all bound by it. We are all subject to the natural laws of the universe. Time, the metronome to our existence ticks off without fail. It is the element without which we do not exist. It is the rhythm to which our live plays by.

Beyond time, you are all you have to feel the world. And what is wealth but the ability to fully, deeply experience the world in all its essence.

You are your greatest asset.

So maybe you would wake up tomorrow and pay more attention to yourself than you did today. Maybe you would measure your breathing. Maybe you would look into the mirror and smile and ultimately take more care of yourself tomorrow than you did yesterday. 

As much as you create the time to peruse the stock market and keep an eye out for commodities, maybe you will keep an eye on yourself as well. You are after all your greatest asset.

Your health is important. Your physical, mental, emotional, and psychological state.

All of life is meaningful because you are, and all of life will cease to have any meaning when you’re not.

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