You can find healing through poetry

Are you hurting? Are you going through a terrible phase of your life? I want to let you know you’re not alone and you can ride your overwhelming emotions and find healing in a lot of things. You can especially find healing through poetry.

It’s simple. All you have to do is embrace these two important steps.

Read poetry

Reading someone give words to the emotions you’re feeling can be really beautiful and therapeutic. As much as it gives a name to it, it also lets you know that you are not alone. Another person has been through what you’re going through. They know what it’s like to be in your shoes. They understand.

Even though sometimes, you might imply meanings on the lines, the point is, it gets to mean so much to you on a personal level and it might be what you need to keep your head afloat in tough times.

Poetry at best is about stirring emotions. Not the grandiosity of words or complexity of language it sometimes evokes, but communication. Speaking to someone.

You can find one of those poems that really speak to you. Simple, relatable poetry. They’re beautiful.

Most of the poems I enjoy are really simple. It features someone capturing their feelings and me being able to relate to it.

You can try it too.

Write poetry

Perhaps, so far, you have missed out on the powerful carthatic effect of poetry because you feel like you are not a writer. But you know what? Writers are those who write! And as long as you can commit yourself to penning your feelings and doing it consistently, you are a writer.

And you can write poetry. You don’t need certification to express yourself. This is about your healing, it’s not something you hope to publish. You shouldn’t fret about expressing your mind. Get comfortable writing what you feel.

Research shows that it helps to write down whatever it is that’s bothering you and poetry sometimes turns all the negative energy that’s built up on the inside to art.

Are you angry? Put some detail to it. You feel like a balloon bursting with air. Out of control? Visualize it. What does it feel like to be out of control. Like a passenger in your body, watching it unfold? Tense?! You feel your stomach churn, your inside tied up in a knot. Down? Does your day feel like night? Like the sun refused to rise on only you?

Pen it down!

My recommendation

Read Rupi!

Rupi, an Indian-born author, teaches you that poetry does not have to be complex. You don’t have to think about haiku’s and all that stuff. Not Shakespeare. Not Allan Poe.

Rupi writes emotions and for that, I’d recommend her to anyone that’s in a tough phase right now.

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