How to overcome entrepreneur envy

Jealousy can keep you down, so how do you get over entrepreneur envy? 

We’ve all been there – scrolled through Instagram and seen people doing INCREDIBLE things with their careers. Better yet, read through a Forbes “30 under 30” list and felt terrible, especially when they claim somebody as privileged as a Jenner is “self-made”. 

It’s normal for these things to not fill you with joy. It might just fill you with self-doubt or insecurity. Most of the time it will leave us feeling like we haven’t done enough, wondering why we haven’t “changed the game” and revolutionised business. 

Now competitivity is useful, there’s no denying that. However, this kind of crippling self-doubt and envious attitude is not helpful or productive. In the worst-case scenario, it actually prevents us from reaching our potential. 

So, here’s how to squash that envy, and only move forward with your entrepreneurial/career goals. 

What is entrepreneur envy?

You and your friends might be going through this, and not even realise. Here are some of the symptoms:

Mental discomfort 

  • Warped perception of other people’s reality
  • Reduced sense of self-worth 
  • Lack of motivation 
  • Over comparing yourself to successful people

It’s no surprise why so many young people go through this. We are a generation of people who’s lives are filtered by Instagram filters and articles upon articles of how to get rich quick and 22-year-old millionaires. 

This is where the big reminder needs to be announced – the lives you see online are not real lives. In fact, one-third of entrepreneurs have work-related depression. Those articles your reading and Instagram posts you’re seeing only show you the positive side. 

Always keep in the back of your mind that everything isn’t always as glamorous as it seems online. 

Here are our top tips on how to eliminate entrepreneur envy, and just stick to your goals. 

Understand other people’s success AND their failures 

When you see somebody doing really well, it can be hard to ever put yourself in their shoes. This is especially true for those who are just starting out. 

This type of envy can make us malicious, which will set us back. 

Obviously, people have a tendency to only publicise their successes and conceal all their failures and all the hard work it took to get them there. 

Actually, studies have found that when people hear about hardships that other entrepreneurs have gone through, it can actually motivate them harder in their own ventures. 

Remember, success will never be linear or a smooth ride. There will always be setbacks – even those you look up to will have them. 

Reflect on your own success 

How do you present yourself on social media? Will other people be feeling the same as you…but towards you? Could this be a wake-up call that we should all start posting more authentically on social media?

Also, it’s worth noting how successful you have been. Think about all your own achievements and how far you’ve come. 

Sometimes the biggest confidence boost you can get comes from just acknowledging how great you really are. 

Consider collaboration 

So, you’ve seen somebody on Facebook who has just been killing it? Why not reach out to them and try to create a relationship with them?

You could channel your envy in positive ways – this will motivate you to accomplish new and amazing things. 

So, you envy an entrepreneur? That’s normal. Just try to approach it in a new way, and even get something out of it yourself. 

If you can’t do that, just try to learn from them. Do they treat their employees in a really admirable way? Is their customer service impeccable? Try to take note of this and apply it to your own startup. 

Remember why you started 

Everybody has their own unique reasons for starting their own business. When envy starts to creep in, return back to this. 

Getting caught up in envy and continually comparing yourself to others can distract you from your original mission. Sometimes you just need to shake yourself. 

Instead of focusing on others, you should focus on yourself. Look for ways to better yourself and try to grow. Direct your attention onto your own business rather than other people’s. 

Define your own success 

Too often we look to other people to define what success is. This can really hinder our progress. 

Somebody else’s journey just cannot be our own guide for success. Each and every entrepreneur’s journey is completely unique. For this reason, you need to define success in your own way. 

Avoid trying to emulate somebody else’s version of success. Use them as inspiration but not guides. Trying to be somebody else never works out. 

Remember, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with admiring somebody else’s life and success, but you have to do your own thing and work at your own pace. 

Use envy to encourage a good habit 

There are some things that you can learn from somebody else’s success. As an entrepreneur, you’ll likely do something different from the other entrepreneurs. 

Instead of comparing, you should try to learn from others. See what they do differently, what works for them, and consider adopting certain habits. 

For instance, you may read that a successful entrepreneur exercises every morning to start their day right – this could be an amazing habit to also adopt. 

Another entrepreneur might have a creative hobby as stress relief, like drawing or journalling – again, habits which might accelerate your venture.

 There are so many inspiring entrepreneurs out there – some have overcome incredible obstacles and grown. Admiring them is great, it only becomes a problem when you start comparing and gain envy.

It’s important to just remember that your journey is unique, and people don’t but bad days online. When you understand these things, you can begin to purposefully move towards your goals, only using other people’s success as inspiration. 

Entrepreneur envy can be difficult to overcome. If you’re finding it particularly hard, you could consider deleting social media or toxic platforms which are not serving you anymore. 

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