How to find motivation right now

It’s weird times – it can feel increasingly difficult to actually feel motivated and reach goals. 

It’s an endless cycle, too. We feel bad about ourselves, we can’t find motivation, we don’t meet goals, and then we feel bad about ourselves – it continues and continues. 

So, what are some ways that you can get motivation quickly? These are quick tips, that might just give you that boost instantly.

Sidenote: if you are feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, and nothing can break you out, it could be worth talking to a professional. These points are mainly for those who are finding it hard to do tasks etc.

Decide “why?”

Figuring out your “why” could clear up a lot of things. Are you feeling unmotivated because you’re not happy with your work or current setup? Could it be that you need a slight upheaval to start feeling motivated again? 

You could also be suffering from burnout, which would only encourage you to take a little bit of time off. 

I suggest that you write down a list of reasons why you want to start doing work again, or why you want to exercise again. 

Sure, this could be so that you make rent or lose weight etc. Just acknowledge it. 

Make a note of all the positives 

In our current world, it can be all to easy to get swept up in the negatives. However, there are so many things to be happy about, still. 

Whenever something nice or positive happens, make sure to take a note of it. Your notes app on your phone will be your best friend for this. 

Whenever you start to feel down, just take a look at all the things that make you smile or excited. 

Perhaps your best friend just had a new baby. Maybe you got an exciting new job. Perhaps there’s a dog that always runs up to you on your daily walk. Little things – but positive things. 

What are your excuses?

What are you really using as an excuse for how unmotivated you are? No, you can’t use the “the world is a mess” line – we need to be more specific. 

Are you finding it hard to escape from the news? Are you generally just not happy in your job? Are you too tired to work out, or are you just staying up too late at night? 

Be a bit harsh with yourself, and you might be able to notice that your excuses don’t make sense. 

Don’t let fear or anxiety stop you

Yes, we know, this is much easier said than done. However, sometimes if we fear rejection or failure so much, we can become isolated and stuck in a routine which leaves us feeling unmotivated. 

Breaking down this fear does take time. You can begin by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone – one small step at a time. Try a new cafe. Say hi to a stranger in the street. 

Also, try to take the power of rejection away. Think about it in the grand scheme of things. Will you remember it or be hung up about it in the future? Most likely not – so just go for it. 

Reward yourself 

Sometimes it can feel like life is just a cycle of work and exercise. There’s no reward system, which is where burnout comes into play. 

Treat yourself to something that you’ve wanted for a long time. Have a “cheat day” and eat something that you’ve been craving for ages. 

Actually, treating yourself can remotivate you to keep trying, especially if you tell yourself you’ll treat yourself again once you hit another milestone. 

You deserve it. 

Social support 

Social media can actually be beneficial to our mental health, especially when it comes to reaching out for help.

You don’t need to make a post or tweet about it – you can just share your story or message a friend. 

Chances are, you aren’t the only one who is feeling a bit unmotivated and lost. The comradery will make you feel better, and you can all help each through it. 

Also, you and your friends can meet up in a cafe to do some work. Sometimes this mutual support can mean the absolute world. 

Watch motivational talks 

TED Talks always motivate people – it’s just the little push that we need in life. 

These are quick boosts of inspiration, which can remind you why you’re working so hard, or what you actually want to achieve. Who knows, maybe you’ll be conducting a TED Talk soon, you just have to stay motivated. 

The categories for these inspiration videos range from personal growth to the future of humanity. They have hundreds to choose from, which can just make your way through on one of those really hard days.

Make the most of apps

Technology, believe it or not, can actually help with productivity. That is if you decide to stay off Instagram and actually use the right apps. 

One app that comes to mind is Coffivity – it’s one which allows you to pretend your in a busy place, and gives you a healthy amount of background noise. 

These ambient background noises can really help with creativity slumps, and just help you to remain focused. 

Give yourself time to be unmotivated 

It could be likely that you’re actually dealing with burnout. This happens to everybody, especially if you’ve been working a lot lately. 

The best way to deal with burnout is to just take a break. Get outside, eat some snacks, take a shower, and relax. If you can, take some time off from work, and pick up a little hobby. 

It’s important to give our minds and souls a rest, only then can be become motivated again. 

If you need some quick mental motivation tips, here they are. Motivation can come in waves, and that’s okay. 

Again, if you’re feeling helplessly unmotivated, book an appointment with a GP. 

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