How To Face Your Fears? A Guide To Understand And Face The Tough Circumstances Of Your Life

Feeling the emotion of fear or anxiety is natural to all human beings. Many of us usually fear or dread over little unimportant things happening in our life. Fear or stressing over some bad and little things can really hinder our daily activities. But, some of us feel more than needed anxiety and drool over unnecessary life situations. We fear over slight mishappenings and stick to the mindset that the same bad things could happen to us all over again. This fear that life can or will always go wrong stays with us for the longest time and this fear stops us from doing even daily activities of our life. Fear doesn’t even let us do the normal things in our life. Many fears interfere with our happiness and our life. 

Some common fears among all of us are:

1- We lose our motivation and aim because of fear

2- We lose touch with our friends and families

3- We are afraid to speak in public places

4- We fear to make even little decisions in our life

5- We can’t express our emotions even to our loved ones

6- We fear failures

Here are some guidelines which can help you get out of your fears and face the challenges of your life:

1- Positive Mindset: This is the first and foremost step in tackling any difficult situation. Having a positive mindset will create positive feelings and a positive mindset within us. Thinking positively will also build confidence in ourselves and make us feel good.

2- Learn From Your Mistakes: You may have faced tough circumstances and have made many mistakes but if you fear over your previous mistakes then how will you go further in your life? Learning from your mistakes and making sure to never make them happen again is the wisest and most positive thing you can do to tackle any fear. 

3- Accept Your Fears And Find Which Thing You Fear The Most: Accepting your fears and finding solutions to cope with them is also very helpful in every situation of your life. Find out which thing that you fear the most? What scenarios that you think trigger anxiety and the feelings of fear within you? Then evaluate and ask yourself that the thing you fear is important enough to fear and stop you from enjoying your life?  Asking yourself questions will help you find solutions to your problems and fears.

4- Relax Or Meditate: Having enough sleep or meditating daily will create feelings of peace and satisfaction within you. Research has proven that meditation is very helpful in easing anxiety and fears. Even deep breathing during the moment of stress and fear can help you bring down your stress levels.

5- Think Of Your Previous Accomplishments: Even one failure can demotivate you enough to make you fear all your life. Reminding yourself of your past accomplishments and victories will create feelings of confidence and motivation within you. Remember when you got success and achieved all your goals. This can help you overcome your fears. Don’t always think of the bad things all the time. But, think how much you can succeed if you work hard.

6- Expose Yourself To Your Fear: Expose yourself to the situations that trigger anxiety. This is the best way to break your anxiety cycle and fears. If you are afraid to speak in public spaces, start with speaking even little in front of people. Don’t avoid the situations that trigger your anxiety. Instead, face the tough situations to break your fear. Avoiding the tough circumstances won’t get you anywhere instead you will always be fearful all your life. 

7- Talk Or Share With Your Friends: Sharing your feelings with a loved one or a friend can help you feel at ease. Ask for help and any advice from your family and friends. You can gain encouragement from them and immense support. People who have coped with the same situations as yours will give you honest advice and guidance to face your fears and attain peace and prosperity. How they got out of fears and tough situations will also motivate you and provide you with steps to follow.

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