How To Stop A Panic Attack?

Many people experience panic attacks due to emotional disturbance or stress in certain situations. Panic attacks are hard to handle as they suddenly occur at any place. You can’t predict a panic attack but you can always make a plan to control it or face it to manage it. Panic attacks create certain physical and emotional changes in our bodies. Panic attacks may last for 10 minutes or to half an hour but the duration may vary for some people. Some people have panic attacks many times during the day. In such circumstances, you should consult your doctor or physician. As your doctor will help you treat Panic attacks with a range of therapies including medications, psychotherapy and stress management, and relaxation techniques. 

Some physical symptoms of a panic attack are:

1- Excessive sweating

2- Increased heartbeat

3- Shivering

4- Chest pain

While some emotional symptoms of having a panic attack include:

1- Feelings of intense fear and dread

2- Feeling dizzy

3- Fear of dying or losing control of yourself

4- Feelings of sadness 

You can control your physical and emotional symptoms when facing a panic attack by following the steps below:

1- Take A Deep Breath:

As you will feel some changes in your breath including shortness of breath or rapid heartbeat. You can control these by taking long and deep breaths. Concentrate on your breathing and inhale and exhale slowly. 

2- Distract Yourself: 

Most panic attacks occur when you are afraid of certain situations or objects. In these tough situations distracting yourself from the anxiety-triggering objects can help you control your panic attacks. Whenever you feel that you are facing a panic attack, distract your thoughts and do something else to take control of your thoughts and emotions. Distracting yourself is the best way to face a panic attack.

3- Get Help From A Friend:

When you feel like losing control of your emotions or self due to a panic attack, getting help from a friend can make you feel much better. If you are with a friend, tell them that you are having a panic attack or call them for help. A friend will always support you and help you gather strength and distract you from unpleasant panic symptoms. However, if you are not with a friend, then calling them will also help you get rid of panic attacks. Sharing your thoughts and emotions with close friends will help you the most. Your friends will motivate you and cheer you up in your bad times. Getting help from a friend is always a nice idea to face any panic attacks.

4- Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts:

Whenever we face a panic attack, we think of negative thoughts in our head like I won’t get out of this, I will be embarrassed, I will die today, I am losing control of myself. In these situations saying to yourself, some positive affirmations can help a lot. You can say some positive and motivational things to yourself as, I can get out of this, I can handle this, This panic attack is temporary, It’s now or never, I can do this and get out of any panic attack. Saying affirmative thoughts to oneself can increase confidence and help you get out of any panic attack.

5- Go To A Calm Place And Think Which Objects Or Situations Triggers Panic Attacks: 

To face panic attacks in the future, think of the situations when you have had a panic attack. Know what objects or situations cause you anxiety. Knowing your trigger points will help you face any tough situations in the future. Therefore, when you know that certain things cause you a panic attack when you face those situations in the future, you will be confident and will get out of a panic attack quickly.

6- Try Grounding Techniques:

Grounding techniques have helped many people face panic attacks. These techniques help you distract your thoughts and focus on something else. When you face a panic attack apply these grounding techniques which are:

1- 5 things you can see

2- 4 things you can touch

3- 3 things you can hear

4- 2 things you can smell

5- 1 thing you can taste

This will help you think of something else in your surroundings and help you distract your thoughts from anxiety-triggering situations or objects.

Panic attacks can occur at any time and anywhere. We must get hold of our emotions when having a panic attack. Feeling physical symptoms can disturb our emotions and can deteriorate our health further. Therefore, one must face difficult situations with courage.  

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