How To Be Assertive

Most people misunderstand between the concept and meaning of assertive and aggressive. Assertive and aggressive are two different types of concepts. Assertive means sharing your thoughts beliefs and feelings in a healthy way that does not include violence. Whereas an aggressive person uses violent methods and behaviors to express his opinion and express his feelings. Assertiveness is a non-violent method and behavior of communicating with people.

Being assertive means that you have enough confidence to stand for your own rights while respecting the rights of others. When you are being assertive, you don’t come under anyone’s pressure; you are straight and honest with people and share your thoughts and opinions with others in a calm and decent manner. Being assertive increases your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Assertiveness is a behavior that can be adopt by following some simple ways: 

1- Understand What Assertiveness Is:

In order to become assertive you first need to understand what it actually means. Understand and know that you should respect other people’s opinions and boundaries and do not adopt violent or aggressive measures or behaviors while explaining your point of view or taking a stand for your rights. You have to be simple, direct, and honest, that’s all.

2- Stay Calm:

One of the qualities of assertive people is that they stay calm when explaining their point of view, emotions, and feelings. When you are calm, you will be confident and will easily stand for your rights in a healthy and nonaggressive way. Being calm will also help you understand other people’s opinions and you will be conscious of your decisions and behaviors.

3- Believe In Yourself:

When you will start believing in yourself you will increase your self-confidence. Many nonassertive people don’t believe in themselves and lack self-confidence. To be assertive, you have to believe and have faith in your decisions and make sure that you do not be under the control of other people. Make your decisions wisely and have faith in yourself.

4- Understand And Respect Other People’s Opinions:

Being assertive does not mean that you don’t respect other people’s opinions and boundaries. But you have an understanding of being right and wrong. You define your point of view but at the same time recognize the wishes of others and respect them. Being assertive does not mean that you hurt other people’s feelings or control them, but it means that you know and respect other people but express your point of view and thoughts without being aggressive, angry, or selfish.

5- Learn To Say No:

Many non-assertive people can’t refuse or say No when they should. Most people can’t refuse other people because of low self-confidence and fear. Learn to say No if anything that others ask you to do is harmful to you. Learn to prioritize yourself and say No to the things that you do not want to do. Learning to say No will build confidence within you and will help you in many other ways.

6- Master Your Communication Skills:

Assertive people have great communication skills. You have to master your communication skills as you will have to be in line with your thoughts and personality. From facial expressions to your body language, learn to become confident. Assertive people know how to make eye contact and how to better their posture. Master your communication skills when you want to become assertive.

7- Be Positive:

When you are trying to become assertive one thing you should always do is to become positive and think positive thoughts. Don’t think about what may go wrong and deal with hard situations with positivity. When you will become positive and relaxed, you will be able to convey your point of view easily and also manage your behavior and master your communication skills.

The Benefits Of Being Assertive:

1- You will achieve self-confidence and self-esteem1- You will achieve self-confidence and self-esteem

2- You will be less stressed

3- You will be able to communicate more easily and efficiently

4- You will understand the feelings of others more clearly

5- You will respect other people’s opinions

6- You will be a better decision-maker

7- You will no longer be in control of others

A Lot of times we don’t understand the difference between being assertive and being aggressive. To become assertive it’s important that first, we know the meaning and difference of both things. And then work towards becoming assertive.

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