Killing Of George Floyd And Ma’khia Bryant, How Many More Lives Will Be Lost?

George Floyd who was brutally murdered by police finally got justice. This case has sparked many worldwide protests against racism towards the Black community and brutal and excessive use of force by police.

The US jury found the police officer, Derek Chauvin, guilty of murder over the death of African-American George Floyd. 

At last, justice has been served. All the people cheered outside the court and the country.

It is the turning point in the history of the US. because, before the viral case of George Floyd, few officers were charged with manslaughter or murder, and even fewer were convicted.

Derek Chauvin was found guilty and faced a maximum sentence for the second-degree murder of 40 years in prison, but Minnesota sentencing guidelines suggest he’s more likely to receive up to 15 years, based on his lack of a prior criminal record. Or some say that he would face 30 years or fewer.

What happened to George Floyd?

On 25 May 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old man, was arrested by the police officers on suspicion of passing a counterfeit $20 bill for a pack of cigarettes at a convenience store in South Minneapolis. George Floyd was handcuffed and held on the ground for nine minutes. The video went viral in which George Floyd was seen crying out that he can’t breathe. He was pleading and said please, please, please several times and he was restrained by Derek Chauvin. When the ambulance arrived George Floyd was motionless and was pronounced dead after an hour.

The video of George Floyd begging for mercy went viral and many protests have been carried out for his justice. 

When the verdict was announced all the people cheered and cried in the joy that justice has been served at last.

Another black life was lost just before  25 minutes of the judge reading the verdict convicting former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin of murder and manslaughter in the killing of Floyd.

A 16-year-old teenage girl Ma’khia Bryant was shot by police in Columbus. The video has gone viral in which it can be clearly seen that a police officer shot her. The video shows a chaotic scene in which the 16-year-old had a knife in her right hand and was seen starting to run towards another girl at the scene. That is when the white police officer fires four times and the 16-year-old girl dies within a while. 

The police officer should have responded wisely so that this incident should have been avoided. Killing a teenage girl is not justified at all. After her shooting incident protests started all over the Columbus

The teen is regarded as sweet and beautiful who had high dreams for her life. She liked styling her hair and made videos on Tik Tok. Her teacher says that she wanted to open her own eyelash salon in the future.

Ma’Khia was in the foster care system and she was a humble child who enjoyed music, cooking, and seeing others laugh. It was a traumatic and tragic event not only for the black community but for all the people. Many protests were carried out in Columbus chanting “teenager lives matter”. This is not the first time that a teenager has been killed and shot, but before this, another teenager also lost his life in the face of racism and police brutality.

Trayvon Benjamin Martin, a 17-year-old African American was fatally shot in Sanford, Florida by George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old neighbourhood watch volunteer. Protest rallies were held in cities nationwide that demanded justice for Martin.

Before these viral tragic incidents, a lot of black lives have been lost by racism, inequality, and the use of brutal force by the police. Important actions should be taken by the government and state to protect the life and property of the black community and citizens.

The data has shown that after the protests the killings of people by the police have been decreased but not ended. 

The black lives matter movement seeks to end the brutality and racism that black people face and experience. The movement includes not only the black community but the people of many diverse backgrounds. 

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