Does My Skin Colour Offend You?

Have you ever felt the pain of not saying anything when you desperately want to be heard by someone? There are a lot of feelings, breakdown of emotions, and many thoughts that you want to share with others but the fear of being judged never let you do this. Anxiety, depression and aggression, violence, and all other mood disorders are only due to not sharing with others.

Colourism and Racism are significant reasons for these problems. People still judge other people and their personalities on their skin tone. Can the skin tone rule a brilliant mind? Is it necessary to be the most beautiful person to exist happily in this world? All these questions are real because we have become persons who always judge people by their physical appearance.

If we observe, then all of us think that brown or white people are superior, and there is no existence of black people int his world. Why is it so? Black culture is not their identity. They have suffered through many problems, tortures, and violence in past life just because of their black colour. Alas! How a nation can be treated so worst just because of their skin tone.

We are living in a world where personality is judged by the clothes we wear, the way we look, and the colour of our skin. Brilliant minds, intelligence, and ethical behaviour have left no value in a person’s identity.

Every organization, institution, brands, and people want glamour, beauty, and white skin tone. Only 7% of institutions consider intelligence, skills, brilliant minds, and hard work to select a person.

“Your actions describe personality, not your colour”.

In every corner of the world, the dark skin always demonised, and white or brown coat is always appreciated. In this century, the white skin colour has all privileges, and the dark colour has to face negligence. And then we say that we are living in modern society. Is this a modern society where clothes are getting advanced and thinking is becoming more orthodox?

Colourism and Racism have overcome our minds so much that even children avoid black barbies or toys.

When it is about wearing black colour, we wear it happily as it symbolizes elegance, but when it is about skin tone, people get mad to have bright skin tone, and even a tan colour is not acceptable.

Racism and colourism are nothing but a disaster for the world. No one would like to marry a dark skin woman.

This colourism and Racism have become the reason of mental health conditions among the black culture. They are neglected because of the stereotype that white is superior. No one is ready to understand that “beauty has no colour”.

It is easy to point figure on others but difficult to digest reality. Black culture is not only for being dominated but to live with freedom of speech, expressions, and all fundamental rights.

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