The Biased Portrayal of Black People in Movies

The black skin tone has come to be associated with evil. Villains in more than 50% of movies have the tendency to have a darker skin tone than the rest of the folks on the set. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why this happens? Consider even the simplest examples- cartoons and animations thatContinue reading “The Biased Portrayal of Black People in Movies”

The Attempt at Preserving Culture through Code-switching

Regardless of the racial mix, black people have their own cultures. They have their way of doing things that are generic to them. It’s very common to see a group of black people conversing differently from how they would when they’re among different people. When together, slangs might not be missing from the conversations. ButContinue reading “The Attempt at Preserving Culture through Code-switching”

Simple Tips to Starting your Independent Business

Mention every impressive brand you know and I will tell you of their humble beginnings. As ginormous as they might have now become, every business started with a single step and bloomed into something grand and beautiful. If you are looking to start a business as well, you can do so and run it brilliantly,Continue reading “Simple Tips to Starting your Independent Business”

How do I deal with Financial Stress?

Almost everyone has lost their purse or wallet at one point or the other. Remember what it felt like then? You’d most probably have slipped into a mild state of anxiety within a few minutes of losing your purse? It’s normal. You’d want to know where you dropped or misplaced it? If you’ve ever experiencedContinue reading “How do I deal with Financial Stress?”

Who needs to heal from Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome?

It’s very easy to deny the fact that trauma was passed down through the years of slavery. After all, hasn’t it been a really long time? Time heals all wounds, doesn’t it?! Not this one! Time doesn’t heal all things- especially not untreated trauma. Untreated trauma only gets worse. There are no two ways aboutContinue reading “Who needs to heal from Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome?”

A Practical Example of Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome’s Persistence through Time

As explained by leading clinical psychologist, Dr Joy DeGruy, post-traumatic slave syndrome runs across several generations and continues to persist more than 300 years after the initial havoc has been wrecked. A black mother can compliment a white mother on her son’s or daughter’s performance and the mother would feel comfortable speaking about it.  “Oh,Continue reading “A Practical Example of Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome’s Persistence through Time”