Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome: Finding Healing through Understanding

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome affects people of colour in more ways than one. The disturbing images about slavery and the brutalities that engulfed it might cause you to cringe, especially when you know that those things were done to your great grandfathers, and your grandfathers- people whose blood runs through your veins. The horrors mightContinue reading “Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome: Finding Healing through Understanding”

The Hypothetical Experiment on Beauty

Think about a room full of different people, each one told to choose a favourite colour (they’re not allowed to interact, just choose). There’ll be several choices wouldn’t there? Blue, Lemon Green, Peach, Red, Yellow, Black… Up a Notch What happens when we release a pseudo result and claim that 99% of the people presentContinue reading “The Hypothetical Experiment on Beauty”

Stop doing these two things and the quality of your life will improve

There’s a fact about life you already know: The quality of your life will improve when you take active steps to see it happen. Not when you dream about it, not when you talk about it, and definitely not when you spend all of your time daydreaming about it. Consciously or subconsciously, you have alwaysContinue reading “Stop doing these two things and the quality of your life will improve”

Dealing with Colour at the workplace

Admittedly, the workplace can be a really tricky environment. With people from all works of life, there is every tendency to play the cards wrong and intentionally or unintentionally foster colourism. But just how do you deal with colourism your institution? Let’s find out! The Colour Difference Colour exists for identification. It is a pointerContinue reading “Dealing with Colour at the workplace”

Managing your Personal Finance as a Young Adult

There are quite a number of subjects I wish I was taught in school. At the very top of the list is financial literacy. How do I manage my finances when I start to make money? How do tailor a lifestyle to suit my income? What proactive steps should I take to put myself inContinue reading “Managing your Personal Finance as a Young Adult”

The Most Healthy Ways to deal with Anger

Anger is a natural emotional response to unfavourable events and circumstances. It is an impulsive reaction. For sure, at some point, every single one of us have gotten angry. When a driver crosses into our lane in traffic and cuts us off, when our spouses, or parents do things that we find completely inconsiderate andContinue reading “The Most Healthy Ways to deal with Anger”

Win More Games in Chess and Life: Practical Lessons from the Art of War

Recently, I discovered Lichess, an online platform that allows you to play with other people and so far, I’ve learnt two things. One, you really can’t say you play chess until you play consistently with other people. Two, the first chapter of Sun Tzu says a lot more than anyone might have thought about tacticalContinue reading “Win More Games in Chess and Life: Practical Lessons from the Art of War”