Striking a Balance between your Career and Personal Life

Our careers and personal lives are like two roses in the garden of our lives- both have the potential to be beautiful and are essential to our growth. The only complexity arises from the fact that they thrive on the same time and when we focus too much on one, it grows at the detrimentContinue reading “Striking a Balance between your Career and Personal Life”

These Three Strategic Passive Income Paths will Change your Life Forever

I’ve seen a lot of employees set goals over the last couple of years- some friends, some extended members of the family. By the end of the year, they want to have made about 50% more than they earn at work. They say it over drinks with a resigned air and forced smiles. Of course,Continue reading “These Three Strategic Passive Income Paths will Change your Life Forever”

Three Important Lessons from Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers

Most of the time, we have this general idea about successful people. We believe they are geniuses. They are born with a special ability that puts them ahead of everyone else. But how much of that is really true? If you have ever read Outliers, you will understand that much of this myth is false.Continue reading “Three Important Lessons from Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers”

The Post Slavery Struggle: The Black Tale.

It’s quite sad when you try to speak and all that comes out are mere whispers. No clear sounds. Anxiety and fear keep the words down your throat and force you into a tempered silence. You’re scared that when your voice rings out in a thunderous bellow, you could be misunderstood and your actions, misinterpreted.Continue reading “The Post Slavery Struggle: The Black Tale.”

Societal Beauty: Beyond Skin Colour

It started when we were kids: the moment a child was born, relatives would start comparing siblings’ skin colour. You’d hear things like, “oh, she’s fairer than her sister”, “oh, he’s darker than his brother.” It starts in your own family.  One major mistake we make, consciously or unconsciously, is to make a certain colour theContinue reading “Societal Beauty: Beyond Skin Colour”

Three Important Tips to fixing your Money Problems

Money problems usually starts small, then slowly spread like a violent wave, eager to sink your life down the rabbit hole. Your debts spiral out of control. Your monthly income can no longer support your lifestyle and you begin to wonder: How did it get to this? Well, the answers are not too far fromContinue reading “Three Important Tips to fixing your Money Problems”

The Mental Health Series: An Introduction

Meet Sandra Smith It’s the summer of 2012. Twenty-three year old Sandra Smith walks out of her small shack of an apartment. “It’s going to be a bad day.” She mutters to herself. She takes a longer route to the train station to avoid running into more people than she feels necessary. She arrives justContinue reading “The Mental Health Series: An Introduction”