Should you make financial literacy a part of your company culture?

If you own your own company, it’s possible that you haven’t considered financial literacy programs in work. Should this be your responsibility?Well, those with lower levers of financial worry also have higher levels of financial literacy.So, what does this have to do with you, as an employer?Financial literacy is, generally, very low amongst the public.Continue reading “Should you make financial literacy a part of your company culture?”

How to find motivation right now

It’s weird times – it can feel increasingly difficult to actually feel motivated and reach goals.  It’s an endless cycle, too. We feel bad about ourselves, we can’t find motivation, we don’t meet goals, and then we feel bad about ourselves – it continues and continues.  So, what are some ways that you can getContinue reading “How to find motivation right now”

How to deal with Death Anxiety during a pandemic

For many of us, the current pandemic has really made dealing with anxiety and fear unbearable.Death Anxiety (or Thanatophobia, if you want to get medical), is known as the anxiety surrounding the fear of death or the dying process. It’s understandable and pretty common. Actually, worrying about the mortality of yourself or the people youContinue reading “How to deal with Death Anxiety during a pandemic”

How the trauma of slavery can be inherited

Transgenerational trauma or intergenerational trauma is a psychological term which suggests that trauma can be transferred or inherited through generations.Essentially, when a first-generation survives a large ordeal of trauma, they can transfer this trauma to their children, and even further generations of offspring. This becomes known as a complex post-traumatic stress disorder. While this kindContinue reading “How the trauma of slavery can be inherited”

Why do people care less when women of colour go missing?

The Missing White Woman Syndrome/Effect is prominent in our society, and with social media picking up on otherwise unreported news, it’s more obvious than ever.So, what is missing white woman syndrome? And why does society seem to care less when women from BAME communities go missing? Let’s dive into this, and what we can doContinue reading “Why do people care less when women of colour go missing?”

How to overcome entrepreneur envy

Jealousy can keep you down, so how do you get over entrepreneur envy?  We’ve all been there – scrolled through Instagram and seen people doing INCREDIBLE things with their careers. Better yet, read through a Forbes “30 under 30” list and felt terrible, especially when they claim somebody as privileged as a Jenner is “self-made”. Continue reading “How to overcome entrepreneur envy”

Can your phone help with your finances?

It’s something we all have – that we usually exclusively keep to stalking Instagram profiles, making calls, and sending memes.  Gone are the days of heavy bricks with ariels (if anybody can even remember those), now we have tiny little computers in our pockets. We should be making the most from them.  When it comesContinue reading “Can your phone help with your finances?”