Killing Of George Floyd And Ma’khia Bryant, How Many More Lives Will Be Lost?

George Floyd who was brutally murdered by police finally got justice. This case has sparked many worldwide protests against racism towards the Black community and brutal and excessive use of force by police. The US jury found the police officer, Derek Chauvin, guilty of murder over the death of African-American George Floyd.  At last, justiceContinue reading “Killing Of George Floyd And Ma’khia Bryant, How Many More Lives Will Be Lost?”

How the trauma of slavery can be inherited

Transgenerational trauma or intergenerational trauma is a psychological term which suggests that trauma can be transferred or inherited through generations.Essentially, when a first-generation survives a large ordeal of trauma, they can transfer this trauma to their children, and even further generations of offspring. This becomes known as a complex post-traumatic stress disorder. While this kindContinue reading “How the trauma of slavery can be inherited”

Why do people care less when women of colour go missing?

The Missing White Woman Syndrome/Effect is prominent in our society, and with social media picking up on otherwise unreported news, it’s more obvious than ever.So, what is missing white woman syndrome? And why does society seem to care less when women from BAME communities go missing? Let’s dive into this, and what we can doContinue reading “Why do people care less when women of colour go missing?”

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

The Color Purple, published in 1982, is a classic novel that celebrates black women who challenge unjust authorities and raise their head beyond the yoke of their situations and circumstances. The novel follows an impregnated and abused young girl, Celie, through her personal and spiritual growth in slave-bound Georgia. It’s 1909. Celie navigates through povertyContinue reading “The Color Purple by Alice Walker”

The Dangers of Subscribing to the Single Story about Africa and Black People

When you hear Africa, what’s the first thing that pops in your head? The home of black people? The home of crude, primitive men that live in caves and trees? Maybe a more refined ideology but crude nonetheless: a continent filled with poor, homeless people. Perhaps an abstract: crime, threats. In a large percentage ofContinue reading “The Dangers of Subscribing to the Single Story about Africa and Black People”

Growing Different: The Bearings of the Past on the Present in a Post-Slavery World

While random African and Caribbean brothers might be receptive towards one another in their continent and countries, it might not be the most common thing to see random brothers in the diaspora connect on that same level. Dr. Joy Degruy chronicles this in her book (Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury andContinue reading “Growing Different: The Bearings of the Past on the Present in a Post-Slavery World”

The Biased Portrayal of Black People in Movies

The black skin tone has come to be associated with evil. Villains in more than 50% of movies have the tendency to have a darker skin tone than the rest of the folks on the set. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why this happens? Consider even the simplest examples- cartoons and animations thatContinue reading “The Biased Portrayal of Black People in Movies”

The Attempt at Preserving Culture through Code-switching

Regardless of the racial mix, black people have their own cultures. They have their way of doing things that are generic to them. It’s very common to see a group of black people conversing differently from how they would when they’re among different people. When together, slangs might not be missing from the conversations. ButContinue reading “The Attempt at Preserving Culture through Code-switching”