Who needs to heal from Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome?

It’s very easy to deny the fact that trauma was passed down through the years of slavery. After all, hasn’t it been a really long time? Time heals all wounds, doesn’t it?! Not this one! Time doesn’t heal all things- especially not untreated trauma. Untreated trauma only gets worse. There are no two ways aboutContinue reading “Who needs to heal from Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome?”

A Practical Example of Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome’s Persistence through Time

As explained by leading clinical psychologist, Dr Joy DeGruy, post-traumatic slave syndrome runs across several generations and continues to persist more than 300 years after the initial havoc has been wrecked. A black mother can compliment a white mother on her son’s or daughter’s performance and the mother would feel comfortable speaking about it.¬† “Oh,Continue reading “A Practical Example of Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome’s Persistence through Time”

Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome: Finding Healing through Understanding

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome affects people of colour in more ways than one. The disturbing images about slavery and the brutalities that engulfed it might cause you to cringe, especially when you know that those things were done to your great grandfathers, and your grandfathers- people whose blood runs through your veins. The horrors mightContinue reading “Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome: Finding Healing through Understanding”

The Hypothetical Experiment on Beauty

Think about a room full of different people, each one told to choose a favourite colour (they’re not allowed to interact, just choose). There’ll be several choices wouldn’t there? Blue, Lemon Green, Peach, Red, Yellow, Black… Up a Notch What happens when we release a pseudo result and claim that 99% of the people presentContinue reading “The Hypothetical Experiment on Beauty”

Dealing with Colour at the workplace

Admittedly, the workplace can be a really tricky environment. With people from all works of life, there is every tendency to play the cards wrong and intentionally or unintentionally foster colourism. But just how do you deal with colourism your institution? Let’s find out! The Colour Difference Colour exists for identification. It is a pointerContinue reading “Dealing with Colour at the workplace”

A Glance at History: The Brown Paper Bag Test

Though coined only recently, colourism has extended its ugly tentacles across several decades. It dates as far back as the 17th Century, to the times when black slaves were still held by white masters. In those times, the masters took some of the slaves into their chambers and bore into them. And so the childrenContinue reading “A Glance at History: The Brown Paper Bag Test”

A Short Story: The Black Disadvantage

Let me share this short true-life story that happened about two years ago. The story begins with a white lady making threats. She was standing in a stairwell. Opposite her was the lady whom she was threatening. A black woman. The black lady had her phone out too. She was live on Facebook with thisContinue reading “A Short Story: The Black Disadvantage”