Why is Entrepreneurship So Important?

Entrepreneurship leads a country towards success and strengthens its economy. In today’s world, either people have ideas but not a particular platform or have a platform but no creativity. Entrepreneurs are creative and have innovative ideas to introduce in the market. Their innovative designs make them different from their competitors. There is a big differenceContinue reading “Why is Entrepreneurship So Important?”

How to overcome entrepreneur envy

Jealousy can keep you down, so how do you get over entrepreneur envy?  We’ve all been there – scrolled through Instagram and seen people doing INCREDIBLE things with their careers. Better yet, read through a Forbes “30 under 30” list and felt terrible, especially when they claim somebody as privileged as a Jenner is “self-made”. Continue reading “How to overcome entrepreneur envy”

Simple Tips to Starting your Independent Business

Mention every impressive brand you know and I will tell you of their humble beginnings. As ginormous as they might have now become, every business started with a single step and bloomed into something grand and beautiful. If you are looking to start a business as well, you can do so and run it brilliantly,Continue reading “Simple Tips to Starting your Independent Business”

How To Become a Role Model For Everyone Around You

Hard Work If you want To Become a Role Model for others, you must become a hard worker. Therefore, you must spend day and night working towards your goals. When others see that you are outworking them, and that you are highly dedicated towards your goal. They will listen more often to you, and theyContinue reading “How To Become a Role Model For Everyone Around You”

What Nipsey Hussle’s “Victory lap” Taught us about Life, Money and Entrepreneurship!

Just as the title implies, the inspiration for this track is centered in Nipsey Hussle’s worldwide success as an artist and entrepreneur in spite of his ‘colored’ background. In other words, he takes his “victory lap”, as racers often do in the sport of ‘car racing’, with the winner taking an extra lap around theContinue reading “What Nipsey Hussle’s “Victory lap” Taught us about Life, Money and Entrepreneurship!”