Should you make financial literacy a part of your company culture?

If you own your own company, it’s possible that you haven’t considered financial literacy programs in work. Should this be your responsibility?Well, those with lower levers of financial worry also have higher levels of financial literacy.So, what does this have to do with you, as an employer?Financial literacy is, generally, very low amongst the public.Continue reading “Should you make financial literacy a part of your company culture?”

Can your phone help with your finances?

It’s something we all have – that we usually exclusively keep to stalking Instagram profiles, making calls, and sending memes.  Gone are the days of heavy bricks with ariels (if anybody can even remember those), now we have tiny little computers in our pockets. We should be making the most from them.  When it comesContinue reading “Can your phone help with your finances?”

The Beginner’s Concise Guide to Understanding ETFs

What are ETFs? ETFs as we all know them are shorts for Exchange-Traded Funds. An ETF is a basket of securities that contains stocks, bonds, securities, and other financial assets. These funds are index funds that can be traded on an exchange just like stocks and bonds. ETFs were started in the ’90s. At inception,Continue reading “The Beginner’s Concise Guide to Understanding ETFs”

Five Things to Consider Before Making an Investment Decision

Given the current economic situation and recent financial market events, you may be wondering whether to invest or make changes to your investment portfolio. While I cannot tell you how to manage your investment portfolio, I can give some tips you can consider before making your decision. So yeah, let’s get right to it. WhatContinue reading “Five Things to Consider Before Making an Investment Decision”

How do I deal with Financial Stress?

Almost everyone has lost their purse or wallet at one point or the other. Remember what it felt like then? You’d most probably have slipped into a mild state of anxiety within a few minutes of losing your purse? It’s normal. You’d want to know where you dropped or misplaced it? If you’ve ever experiencedContinue reading “How do I deal with Financial Stress?”

Managing your Personal Finance as a Young Adult

There are quite a number of subjects I wish I was taught in school. At the very top of the list is financial literacy. How do I manage my finances when I start to make money? How do tailor a lifestyle to suit my income? What proactive steps should I take to put myself inContinue reading “Managing your Personal Finance as a Young Adult”

These Three Strategic Passive Income Paths will Change your Life Forever

I’ve seen a lot of employees set goals over the last couple of years- some friends, some extended members of the family. By the end of the year, they want to have made about 50% more than they earn at work. They say it over drinks with a resigned air and forced smiles. Of course,Continue reading “These Three Strategic Passive Income Paths will Change your Life Forever”