4 Healthy Habits You Should Add To Your Daily Routine

Goals (dreams without goals, keeping track of goals, knowing your destiny and dream, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) Dreams without goals are just dreams. Think about that for a second, every day you are doing some sort of task without any planning. Do you think, this random daily routine of yours will get you close toContinue reading “4 Healthy Habits You Should Add To Your Daily Routine”

The Mental Health Series: An Introduction

Meet Sandra Smith It’s the summer of 2012. Twenty-three year old Sandra Smith walks out of her small shack of an apartment. “It’s going to be a bad day.” She mutters to herself. She takes a longer route to the train station to avoid running into more people than she feels necessary. She arrives justContinue reading “The Mental Health Series: An Introduction”

What is Mental Health and Why is it So Important?

Ever heard of the term Mental Health and not been sure why it is used and all the things it entails? Well, simply explained, one could think of it as the physical and physiological health of the brain. It includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being and affects how we think, feel, and act.  InContinue reading “What is Mental Health and Why is it So Important?”

What the Coronavirus Taught Me about Myself!

And so it came! Up until now I had only seen it in the face of constant news updates, public safety measures and anxiety. However, 20 days ago I began to feel mild symptoms and 2 days into it I realized, the Coronavirus had hit home! Once I was sure of my symptoms, there wasn’tContinue reading “What the Coronavirus Taught Me about Myself!”